With the slow return to ‘normal’, there will once again be opportunities to compete against other teams in the area. We have fab vests for our Harriers to wear and to represent the team. As events become known to us we will post them here. If you register for any of them, please drop us a line so we can get a shirt to you and let you know who else from the Harriers will be competing.


The SK Athletics Quadrathlon, which takes place on Saturday, 24th of July, is a fun event taking place at Sport City in Manchester. It’s comprised of (you guessed it) four events: throw, long jump, sprint, and a middle distance. Athletes receive points for their time/distance in each event which means they don’t have to be best at everything to win! It’s a fun day out at a great facility.

Also on Saturday, 24th of July, is the Cheshire Kids Duathlon in Nantwich. It is a run/bike/run events split into age groups. Children can go it alone or as part of a team. Lots of information on their website.