Race Report – Holmfirth Triathlon

We took Flo over to Holmfirth to race in her first Triathlon. She was racing in the TriStart category for 8 year old, the first year they can compete so the distances are not too taxing with a 40m swim, 800m bike ride and a 600m run.

Flo was in the first wave, with two other girls and opted for breaststroke as she’s more comfortable with it which meant she got out of the pool a couple of seconds after the others. The transition went well, we’d laid everything out and greased up her shoes with Vaseline so she was quickly on the chase of the others. There’s a 100 m run to where the ┬ábikes were and the three of them were pretty close to each other going out on the bikes.

Flo just passing the gazebo with a lot to catch up

Flo caught the others but took a tumble off her bike which left her quite a bit behind the others once she’d brushed herself down and got back in the saddle, so she had some catching up to do.

By the start of the run she was around 20 meters behind the others who where pretty much together all the way. By the time they had got to the hill about half way around the course, Flo had closed the gap to a few meters as they slowed up the climb.

On the home straight Flo dug deep and managed to pass the number 2 into second place and finished 2 seconds behind the winner. Luckily their heat was quick so none of the other girls were faster than her wave, overall result was Lincoln Tri 1st and Knutsford Harriers a very respectable runner up.